About Us


The BFF Lavender brand was founded by Siti Nadiah in 2014. For the hijabster ladies who are looking for simple, trendy, elegance yet affordable cloth to wear, the BFF Lavender Collections will be the perfect choice. The brand aims to constantly provide affordable yet modest look designs for their customers to enjoy. Muslimah women will definitely fall in love with the simplicity, trendy and elegance in each of the collection of BFF Lavender.

The fundamental idea behind this clothing line is “simple yet modesty and stylish”; a concept which was well-received by the masses. Mix match the BFF Lavender collection with anything you have on and show it off in style. Be stylish effortlessly by wearing BFF Lavender clothing and feel that extra boost of confidence. The BFF Lavender Collections are perfect for muslimah women to flaunt to daily outfit without ever looking out of style.


The BFF Lavender collections is a definite must-have for all those stylish hijabster out there to own. Impress others with your modest appearance and stand out in the crowd. Buy BFF Lavender Collections online store and have it be delivered straight to your doorstep! Shop for your favourite clothing designs from BFF Lavender online store and style it creatively according to your preference. So hurry up and start to have an amazing online shopping experience with us today! Shop now!